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Audiovisual Engineering

VML prides itself in a unique team of experts that can handle any audiovisual equipment. With a Fullsail trained engineer.... Read More

Audiovisual Production

Thanks to our production label Studios Afrodynamical, VML engages in the production of world-class audiovisual content. .... Read More

Structural Acoustics

Acoustics are great factors which determine the fidelity of sound in any production environment. The nature and quality of your.... Read More

Vision Media Logistics (VML) is an international consultancy that is specialized in realizing technical and engineering facets within the multimedia, broadcasting and telecommunications industry. VML was founded in the UK, by a group of dynamic engineers with different competencies in the Engineering and telecommunication industry. Our contemporary focus, is the African market. We see the need to promote vastly needed technical expertise in the developing sectors and markets choosing Cameroon as our production center outfit due to its relative stability, peace and bilingual (French and English) nature.

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