Audiovisual Production

Audiovisual Production


Thanks to our production label Studios Afrodynamica, VML engages in the production of world-class audiovisual content. Our production facilities are equipped with the latest audiovisual equipments to ensure the quality and standard of your production.


Whether you are producing for personal or public consumption, we are simply the leaders in the region. Vision media logistics has invested a fortune in the best of video and audio production equipment for its label to give you the best in performance and quality.


VML engages in the realisation of content for film, video clips, adverts, spots, multimedia content for web, Music recording,etc. All this is realised using a state-of the-art recording facilities which include


Studio 1

  • Equipped with a  120 channel HD (high definition) Pro-Tools HD System
  • Outboard effects,
  • TC Electronic M300/Fireworks Processors,
  • Avalon preamps, DIs and Adams, and JM labs monitoring,
  • 64 channel dual inline Sound craft recording console (Ghost) Powered by a Mac Pro 12 Core Xeon, 16 GB ram system and lots of gear,
  • Klark Technique Compressors, Boss G100 and Line 6 pod Guitar floor processors.


  • GIBSON Les Paul Studio USA Electric guitar
  • Ovation Elite -1776 Electroacoustic USA
  • Fender Stratocaster USA


  • Fender Jazz Bass USA S1 switch (4 strings)
  • Warwick Corvette Double Humbucker (5 strings)
  • Warwick Alien Electroacoustic Bass guitar (4 strings) with Fisherman Pickups
  • Fender Jazz Bass USA  (5 Strings)


  • Nord Stage 2 88 keys
  • Roland V-Synth 76 Keys
  • M-Audio Midi Controller


  • Roland JV Series
  • Yamaha Motif ES

Studio 2


  • Congas LP Palladium Series (Giovanni Signature) plus Stand
  • Bongos LP Palladium Series (Giovanni Signature) plus Stand
  • Djembe Meinl floatune series
  • Chimes LP
  • Tambourine Meinl
  • Tambourine Rhythm Tech
  • Shakers Meinl
  • Maracas Meinl
  • Shakers LP (Shake-it)
  • Clappers
  • African Traditional shakers
  • Scratch Meinl
  • Percussion sticks
  • Percussion bag including 60 percussion instruments Meinl and LP editions
  • LP – 40th Anniversary Bongos with Stands

Studio 3


  • Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute (Handcrafted) 5 piece drum set
  • Snare Drum – Custom Made Anton Fig (Yamaha Batter)
  • Cymbals: Zidjian, ZBT Rock
  • Microphones (Shure) Beta 91 (Kick Drum), SM 58, Beta 58, Beta 56, Beta 57, Beta 52, KSM 9 Condensers.

Studio 4


  • Shure KSM 9 Condenser microphones
  • Neumann Microphone
  • Ultimate support Stand
  • SE Pop filter

Studio 5


  • Motu B4 HD video System
  • Motu HD Express (Capture Card) HDMI video interface for Mac and PC
  • Davinci color encoder


  • JVC HD Memory card camera recorder GY-HM750CHE PROHD
  • Canon HD MKIII
  • Black Magic
  • Mac Pro 12 Core Xeon 16 GB ram system


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